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Best Pocket Knife 2020 – A Must Have Tool For All Outdoor Activities

Are you currently searching for the best pocket knife?

Well, you may be in for a nasty surprise; you are yet to discover how hard this choice can be. This may be attributed to the fact that there are numerous pocket knife designs and types to choose from today. Additionally, there is a tonne of aspects you need to consider while shopping for the best knife. For instance, you have to consider the type of blade(s), the number of blades, the type of material used on its handle and how heavy the knife is.

Pocket Knife Review

While this is the case, many people do not have the time to consider all these aspects. As a matter of fact, many consumers rarely take some of the considerations seriously while shopping for the best pocket knife. To save you time and money, we tested the various pocket knives available today to determine their effectiveness and suitability for your lifestyle. Reviewed below are 5 of the best pocket knives you can buy today:

Top 5 Best Pocket Knife

ImageProductBlade MaterialPrice
Kershaw Blur Black Sandvik 14C28N stainless steel
Case Medium Tru-Sharp Surgical Steel
Columbia River 8Cr14MoV stainless steel
Gerber Ripstop Stainless steel
Victorinox Swiss Army X50CrMO Stainless Steel

1. Kershaw Blur Black – The Best Drop Point Blade for Multi-Tasking

The Kershaw Ken Onion Black Blur is among the best folding knifes by the manufacturer. To begin with, this knife was produced with your safety in mind. Among the most striking safety features of this product is its striking Safe assisted opening mechanism. This mechanism requires you to manually pull back on its flipper or push a thumb stud in order to engage the blade. The safety of the knife is further enhanced by the insert liner lock, which further reduces the piercing risk.

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With regards to functionality, the Blur Black pocket knife is equipped with a slightly curved, relatively big blade as well as a reversible pocket clip. The blade on his knife is specifically designed to offer exceptional piercing and slicing experience. Durability is not an issue with this blade as it is made of high performance stainless steel. As such, it is comparatively durable and resistant to corrosion. To top it all, the blade features a Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coating, which further enhances its aesthetical appeal and resistance to corrosion.

Although the blade on this knife is made of stainless steel, it is comparatively lightweight, weighing about 3.9 oz. You will also love the Trac-Tec grip-tape inserts used on the handle of the Blur Black. These inserts, along with the anodized aluminium handle material give the knife a solid grip. Additionally, this material makes the handle scratch resistant. As such, it will for years without losing its aesthetical appeal.

What We Liked About This Knife

  • Comparatively lightweight, weighing 110.5 g
  • Features a compact design, measuring 4.5 inches when closed
  • Equipped with a sturdy 3.4 inches long blade that is ideal for piercing and slicing
  • Comes with an aluminium handle that is lightweight and scratch resistant
  • The stainless steel blade is corrosion resistant and very durable
  • Features a safe, one handed opening mechanism
  • The thumb stud is conveniently positioned for easy opening


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With the Kershaw Blur Black pocket knife, you have the long lasting, highly effective slicing and piercing solution. The DLC coating further enhances its beauty as well as durability. The fact that it is scratch resistant means that the aesthetical beauty of the product does not fade away with time.

2. Case Medium White Stockman with Sheepfoot Blade Pocket Knife – The Best Sheepfoot Blade Pocket Knife

Not only is this folding stockman knife compact and convenient; it is also a very practical pocket knife. It features a total of three blades, two of which sit on the pocket while one of the blades sits on its cap end. Just most other Stockman knives, the primary blade on this knifes the Clip master blade. The clip blade is ideal for camping applications and may also be used in the kitchen. In this regard, it comes in handy while you are cutting fruits, vegetables or snack meats.

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The relatively thin clip blade may also be used to clean and gut fish. For this price, the white Stockman pocket knife offers a jigged white handle that offers a perfect grip. In addition to the clip blade, this knife has a sheepfoot blade as well as a pen blade. The sheepfoot blade is also made of stainless steel and excels at such projects as curving wood and cutting through cords and ropes of various thicknesses. This blade may also be used for electrical work and for whittling.

The pen blade, on the other hand, is ideal for comparatively light-duty, everyday tasks, such as opening boxes and mails. This blade may also be used to cut cardboard or twine and for lighter whittling tasks.

What We Liked About This Knife

  • The product is manufactured in the USA and comes with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Equipped with 3 practical, Tru-Sharp stainless steel blades
  • Features a compact design, measuring 3.63 inches when closed
  • Comparatively lightweight, weighing 2.5 ounces
  • Offers 3 different blades that may be used for different applications


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A lifetime warranty on this product by the manufacturer is a testimony to its lasting durability and exceptional quality. The product may be comparatively expensive, but it is really worth the price.

3. Columbia River Knife and Tool (CRKT) Drifter 6450K – The Best Single Blade Pocket Knife

If you are looking for an affordable, strong and highly-durable pen knife, you should consider buying the CRTK drifter. The drop pint blade is easy to use and is made of durable stainless steel material. The handle is made of G10, a synthetic material that is renowned for durability. The grip on this knife is scaled to further enhance its grip.

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The knife features a simple and straight forward opening mechanism. The aesthetics of this pocket knife are equally appealing; the blade part of the knife features a gray titanium nitride finish. The pocket knife features an InterFrame construction and stainless steel liners. For the purpose of safety, the knife uses a locking liner locking mechanism.

What We Liked About This Knife

  • The quality of this product is backed by a limited lifetime warranty by the manufacturer
  • It is fitted with a tough, scaled G10 handle for a confident grip and extended durability
  • It features a thumb stud deployment mechanism that is relatively easy to apply
  • Features a low profile pocket clip
  • The folding knife has a locking liner mechanism for enhanced safety


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Are you looking for a simple, high-quality and durable pocket knife, but are working on a limited budget? The CRTK drifter is the beautiful, yet capable everyday pocket knife you should buy today. Priced below $15, this knife does exactly what it is meant to do.

4. Gerber Ripstop I Knife – The Best Affordable Pocket Knife


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Just as is the case with any other accessory today, price is a key shopping consideration. The Gerber Ripstop pocket knife may be lowly priced but features a quality and aesthetics that may be compared to those of the higher priced pocket knife models. Let us just be honest for a moment, who does not love beautiful products? The Ripstrop is one of the best knifes, within this price range, when it comes to aesthetical value. The knife features a naked skeletal appearance, something any practical man will love.

The minimalistic streamline design makes this single blade knife one of the lightest in the range, weighing about 2 oz. When open, the knife has a length of 5.75 inches, hence is comparatively easy to handle. Owing to its compact design and lightweight, this knife offers exceptional functionality and bold strength. Since the knife is entirely made of stainless steel, it boasts of an extended durability. The blade and handle of the knife are also uniquely designed, making it stand out against its competitors.

What We Liked About This Knife

  • Compact design with an overall length of 5.75″ and a closed length of 3.4″
  • The blade is long enough for everyday indoor and outdoor applications, measuring 2.3″
  • Features an innovative frame lock mechanism for enhanced safety
  • Features a minimalistic lightweight design, weighing a little under 2.4 oz
  • It is made of stainless steel, which makes it very strong and durable


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Opening a manual blade has never been easier; the Ripstop is equipped with Dual thumb studs for an easy opening experience. The sturdy pocket knife is also lightweight, strong and very durable, despite the fact that it is one of the most affordable pocket knives today.

5. Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife – The Best Multi-Tool Pocket Knife

Would you rather have a variety of tools in a single pocket knife? If so, you need to buy the best Victorinox Swiss Army Pocket knife, such as the Classic SD Pocket Knife. The various Swiss Army knives popularly referred to as SAKs present users with a compact toolkit. In this regard, the Classic SD Pocket Knife is no exception. The knife essentially comes with such tools as a pen knife, scissors, nail file and a Key ring.

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The classic SAK pocket knives come in two main variants, the classic SD and the classic. The Classic SD features a tinny slot head screwdriver while the Classic has a nail cleaner on the tip of the nail file tool. Since the knife has several tools, it may be used for various tasks. For instance, the 58 mm, straight edge non-serrated pen knife may be used for minor cutting and slicing tasks.

What We Liked About This Knife

  • Features a compact design, measuring 2.25” when folded
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee by the manufacturer against material defects as well as workmanship
  • Its compact design makes it easy to fit into a pocket and to carry around
  • It is equipped with a total of 7 different tools, offering you the variety you need for outdoor and indoor applications
  • The blade is made of stainless steel for enhanced strength and durability
  • The polished ruby ABS scales on its handle gives it a confident grip and makes it easy to handle.


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For a comparatively low price, the Swiss Army Classic SD pocket knife offers you a knife blade, scissors, screwdriver tip, tweezers, toothpick and a nail file, all in one compact package. Despite having many tools, the pocket knife features a durable construction and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Best Pocket Knife Buying Advice – What to Consider

Ever wondered why picking the right pocket knife is so damn hard? For the year pocket knives have been in use, they have evolved into a myriad of styles and designs. As a result, there are thousands of pocket knife designs to choose from today. This is why a considerable number of users today find it overwhelming to choose the right pocket knife. So, how are you supposed to go about it?

You may think of this approach as tedious, but buying the best pocket knife will require you to learn about a good number of them. However, you may not have all the time to research on the various knife models. In such a case, you need to know what to look for when shopping for the best pocket knife. To save you the hassle, here are some of the considerations you should make when searching for the best pocket knife today:

The number of Blades

As you may be aware, different pocket knife designs feature a different number of blades. Based on your intended use of the knife, you may need to buy one that has more blades, fewer blades or just a single blade. Based on the number of blades, pocket knives may be categorized into several groups, as discussed below:

  • Multi-Blade Knives

A pocket knife that has several blades may be referred to as a multi-blade knife.  In this regard, you can have a single knife that can accomplish several different tasks. Conventional multi-blade pocket knives can have two to four blades. Most of these knives tend to have a combination of drop-point, pen, spey or sheepsfoot blades.

Most of the best multi-blade pocket knives will offer you a variety, with regards to what you can accomplish with the knife. However, most of the products within this category are not so strong or durable.

  • Single-Blade Knives

Single blade pocket knives are renowned for their strength and durability. Although these will not offer you as much variety as the multi-blade knives do, they still come in a myriad of appealing designs. What many users find appealing about these knives is simplicity and a compact design. Some of the best single blade knives feature a locking mechanism. Such a mechanism often makes the knife sturdier and stronger, hence ideal for more demanding work. If you are looking for a strong all-purpose pocket knife, you should buy a single blade knife.

  • Swiss Army Knives/Multi-Tools

Would you like to buy a pocket knife that offers more than just blades? You should look for the best Swiss Army knife today. Such knives pack an assortment of tools, such as tweezers, toothpicks, can openers, saws, scissors, nail files, magnifying glasses, and corkscrews, in addition to a blade. As a result, these knives are often referred to as multi-dimensional pocket knives. The various Swiss Army knives are ideal for the jack-of-all-trades who needs to carry a range of tools in his or her pocket.

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Handle Material

Just as the blade of a knife is important, buying a knife that has a high quality handle material is important. A high quality handle material will not only improve the grip, it will also improve the performance of the knife. This being the case, these are some of the handle materials you should consider while shopping for a pocket knife:

  • Aluminium – This material is lightweight and offers a good grip. Ideal for knives that are to be used in harsh weather conditions.
  • Bone – Some of the commonest bone knife handles today include jigged bone, giraffe bone, scored bone and smooth white bone handles.
  • Wood – These come in several forms, including stabilized soft woods like burl and buckeye. You can also get a box, snakewood, koa, blackwood, elder, curly maple and rosewood pocket knife handles today.
  • Celluloid – This is a synthetic plastic that is made using cellulose nitrate. This material may be fabricated to look like natural materials like wood, tortoise shell, amber, ivory, stag, agate and horn.
  • Titanium – Pocket knife handles made of titanium are lightweight, durable and corrosion resistant. However, some consumers think of these handles as cold and impersonal.
  • Stainless Steel – The good thing about handles made of stainless steel is that they are very durable and corrosion-resistant. However, such handles are comparatively heavier and have a lower tolerance to tension.
  • Stag – These are made using deer antlers. Stag pocket knife handles tend to have a rough texture, hence offer a stronger grip.
  • Mother of Pearl – This is a composite material that comprises of molluscs. This is the material that is found on the outer layer of a pearl. The material is occasionally used on premium pocket knife handles.
  • Rubber – This is one of the materials that are commonly used in pocket knife handles today. In most cases, rubber is used as an inlay to other handle materials, but may also be wrapped around the knife’s frame.

The choice of the knife handle material will mostly be influenced by your personal preferences. However, the cost will also come into play when choosing the right handle material. In this regard, such materials as the mother of pearls will only be found on high-end knifes; hence is costlier.

Opening Mechanism

For safety purposes, you also need to consider the opening mechanism of your preferred pocket knife. How fast does the knife engage and are you comfortable with the speed? As a matter of fact, this can be a matter between life and death.  You should also opt for the mechanism you find convenient. In this regard, these are the 3 main opening mechanisms you should consider:

  • Automatic/Switchable Mechanism

Such an opening mechanism will automatically engage the blade with a single push of a button. In 1958, knives using this mechanism were outlawed in the United States because of the piercing danger they posed. Over the years these pocket knives have been legalized, but with several restrictions. As a matter of fact, the federal law has a few exceptions, on when the switchable knives may be used, especially for law enforcement. If you are interested in a switchable pocket knife, you should first check to see if it’s legal to own one in your state.

  • Manual-Opening Mechanism

Most of the pocket knives available today use this opening mechanism, requiring you to manually pull the blade out. As a result, some have a ‘nail nick’ (a little groove on the blade that enables you to grab and pull it out using your nail).  Others have a thumb stud—a basic protrusion on the blade. You can use this thumb stud to easily pull the blade out. Such pocket knives are comparatively easy to operate, using one hand. Instead of a thumb stub, other pocket knives have around hole that allows your thumb to grab and pull the blade out.

  • Assisted-Opening Mechanism

This is a rather new mechanism in the pocket knives industry. However, it has grown to become one of the most preferred opening mechanisms in the industry today. Invented by Blackie Collins in 1995, this mechanism requires you to apply a certain amount of pressure to the knife. This will, in turn, engage the knife blade. The main difference between this mechanism and switchable opening mechanism is that the assisted opening mechanism requires a considerable amount of force to engage,


Choosing the right pocket knife today requires much more than the cost consideration. Again, choosing a pocket knife just because it is by a certain brand is misguided. Although some manufacturers are renowned for making some of the best knives, this may not always be the case. Instead, you should consider the various aspects discussed in this guide while shopping for the best pocket knife. Alternatively, you may choose any of the 5 pocket knives reviewed above because they are some of the best today.

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