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Best Mountain Bike Helmets In 2020 – The First Thing To Buy For Your Bike

What are the best mountain bike helmets for men, women or kids today?

What should you look for when shopping for a good helmet to protect your head while you are riding? These are some of the questions we regularly get from concerned mountain bike riders across the globe. In response to this growing concern, we took the liberty to try out the best-rated mountain bike helmets from the leading brands; hence ascertain which ones are really the best.

MTB Helmets

Throughout this guide, you will learn the various things you need to consider while shopping for a good bike helmet. This will make it easier for you to choose the right helmet from the many makes and models available today. However, you may not have all the time to test the various options, based on the considerations discussed below.

In such a case, you can just choose any of the five mountain bike helmets reviewed below because they are some of the best today.

Top 5 Best Mountain Bike Helmets

TeamObsidian HelmetUnisex
Giro HexUnisex
Bell Sidetrack YouthKids
Giro RevelUnisex
Smith Optics Unisex

#1 TeamObsidian Premium Quality Mountain Bike Helmet – The Best Overall Mountain Bike Helmet

Talk of safety, appealing and design, enhanced airflow, quality materials, customizable fit and unmatched comfort, and any experienced biker will recommend the TeamObsidian bike helmet. This helmet is rated the best on various platforms today for a reason.

An Intelligent Design

To begin with, this TeamObsidian helmet meets the safety and construction standards proposed by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). As such, you can rest assured that the helmet is made of high-quality materials. The product features an oval-shaped design and is large enough to accommodate your head. However, you will still find this helmet slim and not bulky.

The helmet features an integrated reinforcing ABS skeleton. This not only gives the product a solid construction; it also makes it more protective in the event of an accident. This quality construction also enhances the durability of the helmet. For an enhanced visual appeal, the helmet features a matte finish.

Enhanced Ventilation

With regards to the ventilation, the TeamObsidian mountain bike helmet is truly unique. The product is equipped with a total of 22 air vents, yet offers substantial crash protection for your head. As you can imagine, this makes it one of the best ventilated mountain bike helmets today. This being the case, you may use the helmet during a hot afternoon and still feel cool. What’s more, the pads on this helmet may be removed and washed.

What We Liked About This Helmet

  • Features an intelligent design and pioneering strap design to ensure a comfortable fit
  • The matte finish used on this mountain bike helmet enhances its visual appeal
  • Comes with a new patented adjustment system to give you a customizable fit
  • Features 22 large air vents for enhanced cooling
  • The product comes with a lifetime warranty by the manufacturer, a guarantee that it is of the best quality possible.


>> Final ThoughtsCustomer Reviews

Are you looking for an ultimate mountain bike helmet that is comfortable to wear for long distance rides under the sun, yet offers enough protection for your head? You should consider buying the TeamObsidian premium quality mountain bike helmet today.


Question: What is the recommended size for this helmet?
Answer: This helmet can be adjusted by twisting the knob which is located at the back. So it can be adjusted according to the user.
Question: Does this helmet comes with a light?
Answer: No, it doesn’t come with a light.
Question: What is the actual weight of this helmet?
Answer: The actual weight is 210g for the s/m size and 225g for the M/L size.
Question: What country is this bike helmet manufactured?
Answer: It is manufactured in China.

#2 Giro Hex Mountain Bike Helmet – Best For All-Mountain Riding

As you may be aware, all-mountain biking requires a gear that is lightweight, versatile, durable, comfortable and safe. The Giro Hex Mountain Bike Helmet is was precisely designed to meet such requirements. In this regard, the helmet gives you a comfortable fit and is well ventilated to give you a comfortable ride for up to 5 hours. This may be attributed to the unique set of features offered by this product.

Compact Design

The compact, dial-a-fit design of the Giro Hex mountain bike helmet is not only appealing; it is lightweight and offers a comfortable fit. The helmet weighs about 328 grams, which makes it one of the lightest helmets in the range. While the helmet features a compact design, it has all the features you need for a comfortable and safe riding experience for long hours. Since the product is manufactured by one of the leading brands in the industry, it packs a range of superior features.

For instance, it features the innovative Roc Loc 5 dial-a-fit system by the manufacturer. This system gives the helmet a customizable fit for enhanced comfort and protection. In this regard, the Roc Loc system used in this helmet is equipped with vertical adjustments.

Unmatched Protection

Specifically designed for trail riding, the Hex mountain bike helmet offers a substantial amount of protection against head injuries. As such, the helmet boasts of a superior exterior construction, using high-quality materials. Additionally, the outer shell of the helmet is well ventilated using 17 wind tunnel vents. It is this construction that makes the Giro Hex mountain bike helmet very durable, regardless of the weather condition.

What We Liked About This Helmet

  • Features a secure Roc Loc 5 Fit System for a customizable fit
  • The helmet features a solid construction to offer enhanced performance in all-mountain biking
  • The outer shell is made of full-wrap In-mould polycarbonate and features an EPS liner for enhanced protection and durability.
  • Comes with a P.O.V. adjustable visor that allows for a 15-inch vertical adjustment
  • Has 17 wind tunnel vents for enhanced ventilation


>> Final ThoughtsCustomer Reviews

You can think of the Giro Hex helmet as the breezy, cool and protective mountain biking helmet option. Featuring a secure strap mechanism, hard outer shell and a visor, this product is designed to offer your head optimal crash protection.


Question: Is that helmet visor removable?
Answer: Yes, It is easily removable with the tab located each side of the helmet.
Question: Is the visor adjustable?
Answer: No, it is fixed in place so adjustment is not possible.
Question: What type of light can I mount to this helmet?
Answer: Most standard bike light should attach to this easily.
Question: What is the outer shell made of?
Answer: It is made of polycarbonate.

#3 Bell Sidetrack Youth Bike Helmet – The Best Mountain Bike Helmet for Kids

Kids are known to be careless while riding mountain bikes. To ensure that your kid is safe while riding, you should get him or her quality mountain biking helmet like the Bell Sidetrack Youth Bike Helmet today. So, why is this helmet a great choice?

Enhanced Head Protection

You are buying a bike helmet to safeguard your kid from head injuries should he or she get involved in a crash, right? Therefore, you should not compromise on the level of protection offered by your preferred mountain bike helmet. Featuring an all-mountain biking design, this helmet offers minimal coverage for the back of the head. As such, the helmet is rated one of the best for preventing head injuries caused by non-frontal falls among kids.

For a more comfortable fit, the helmet features a Snap-In Visor. You will also like the ErgoDial fit system that is used on the helmet. This system allows for quick and precise adjustments of the helmet for a comfortable fit. The outer shell of the helmet is made of fusion In-Mould Polycarbonate, hence is hard enough to protect your kid’s head.

Guaranteed Fit

The Ergo Fit and Snap-In Visor features of the Bell Sidetrack Youth Bike Helmet are designed to offer a perfect fit. As you may be aware, a loose helmet may fall off during a crash, hence not offer the protection you need. However, you can easily and quickly adjust this helmet to fit snugly on your kid’s head. This allows the helmet to remain on the head at all times and still be comfortable to wear for long hours.

What We Liked About This Helmet

  • Features colour-matched components, which enhances its visual appeal
  • It is equipped with a PinchGuard Buckle for enhanced protection
  • The helmet has a Snap-In Visor as well as an Ergo Fit mechanism for a comfortable fit


>> Final ThoughtsCustomer Reviews

Get a helmet that is specifically designed to fit in the heads of kids below 5 years old and offers optimal crash protection for the head. Your kid will not only love the beauty of the Bell Sidetrack Youth Bike Helmet, he or she will remain safe from head injuries while riding.


Question: What is the child size of this helmet?
Answer: This helmet will fit a child with size ranging from 47-54 cm. Age range is around 3-6. For 5-11 years old young kids there is a youth size available too.
Question: What type of material does this product use on the outer shell?
Answer: This product manufactured from in-mold polycarbonate with built-in inner impact EPS foam.
Question: Does this come with any straps?
Answer: Yes, it comes with adjustable chin strap.
Question: Is it possible to remove the snap-in visor?
Answer: Yes

#4 Giro Revel Bike Helmet – The Affordable Mountain Bike Helmet Option

Just like other bike helmets by this manufacturer, the Revel helmet features a solid construction and has all the features to guard your head against head injuries. Here are some aspects you will love about this product:

Stability and Comfort

For a bike helmet to offer you optimal protection against head injuries, it should fit perfectly on your head and be secured in place. This is why you need to buy a helmet that is stable and comfortable like the Giro Revel helmet. For enhanced stability and comfort, this helmet is equipped with an Acu Dial system that is adjustable. As a matter of fact, the helmet may be adjusted using one hand to offers you a customizable fit and be comfortable for long-distance rides. Additionally, the helmet has a total of 22 vents to ensure continuous airflow and keep your head cool.

Enhanced Protection

Being a Giro product, you do not expect the Revel helmet to fail when it comes to protecting your head against injuries. In this regard, the outer microshell of the helmet is tough enough to withstand serious impacts. The manufacturer uses in-Mold technology to bond the outer microshell of the helmet and make it impact-absorbent. Additionally, the shell features a polystyrene liner, which makes it stronger and lightweight.

What We Liked About This Helmet

  • The hard polycarbonate, along with the EPS liner gives your head the protection it needs against impact.
  • It features a deep back label for enhanced visibility on the road
  • Equipped with 22 vents that offer enough ventilation, even on hot days
  • The design features an In-Mould structure to support regions around the vents and ribs of the helmet.
  • The product is CPSC certified, hence of the right quality


>> Final ThoughtsCustomer Reviews

The Giro Revel mountain bike is the affordable head protection option that will guard you against head injuries during impact. The helmet features an appealing design and is tough enough to withstand serious impacts.


Question: What is the size range for Universal Adult Fit?
Answer: The Universal Adult Fit is suitable for 54-61 cm
Question: Can I wash and clean this helmet?
Answer: Yes, It can be hand washed.
Question: What is the one size means?
Answer: That one is adjustable and should fit almost any size head.
Question: Is this CPSC certified helmet?
Answer: Yes, this product is CPSC and ANSI certified.

#5 Smith Optics Forefront – Best all in one Bike Helmets

The Smith Optics mountain bike helmet does it all, it couples beauty with functionality. The all-mountain riding helmet features a honeycomb layer in its construction for enhanced shock absorption capabilities. Additionally, the product packs a horde of beneficial features that make it one of the best mountain bike helmets today.

Unique Padding

As opposed to conventional bike helmet padding, smith uses a rather unique approach in padding this helmet. In this regard, the manufacturer integrates Koroyd into the EPS layers of the helmet. This gives the padding an appearance of cocktail straws. If you happen to be involved in an accident while wearing this helmet, the Koroyd cores will crash in a rather controlled manner. This offers the shock absorption your head needs in such a scenario, hence protects you from head injuries.

What We Liked About This Helmet

  • The shell of this helmet is made using Aerocore technology that incorporates Koroyd into its structure.
  • The helmet comes with a visor for additional protection
  • Equipped with VaporFit mechanism that makes it easier to adjust the helmet to offer a comfortable fit
  • The manufacturer uses an innovative Aerocore ventilation system on this helmet for additional comfort.


>> Final ThoughtsCustomer Reviews

Smith uses a unique and effective approach to protecting your head with this Forefront bike helmet. The helmet features unique padding and a tough outer shell to protect your head against injuries upon impact.


Question: Is this MIPS?
Answer: No, But it’s worth checking out the manufacturer website for the exact detail for it.
Question: Is the visor adjustable or removable?
Answer: Yes, you can adjust or flip the visor. But if you remove it completely it will be permanently off.
Question: Can I mount a GoPro camera with it?
Answer: Yes, Certainly you can. But you have to buy the adapter separately.
Question: What is the largest size available for this model?
Answer: The largest size takes up to 63cm.

Best Mountain Bike Helmets Buying Advice – What to Consider

While it is not against the law to ride your bike without a helmet, the Highway Code recommends wearing one whenever you are riding your mountain bike. Any of the experienced riders can attest to the fact that a mountain bike helmet is one of the most important bike accessories today.

As a matter of fact, a good helmet will protect you against head injuries or even save your life, should you get involved in an accident while riding your bike. While this is the case, not all the mountain bike helmets available today are good enough for BMX, road and mountain bikers.

> Check my complete mountain bike guide here.

If you are shopping for the best bike helmet today, there are several things that you need to consider so as to buy the best. To begin with, you should ensure that your preferred helmet is comfortable, comparatively lightweight, well ventilated and easy to adjust.

In addition to such aspects, here are some of the things you should consider while shopping for the best mountain bike helmet today:

Level of Protection

The main purpose of a mountain bike helmet is to protect you from head injuries, in case you are involved in an accident while riding your bike. As such, your preferred helmet should offer an acceptable level of protection to your head. In this regard, the helmet you are buying should conform to the safety standards in your state.

While most of the helmets in the market are built to meet such safety standards, the high-end products often exceed this rating. You should go for the helmets that exceed this rating, if you can afford them, as they are considered to offer more protection.

While on the subject of protection, you also need to choose between open face and full face mountain bike helmets. If you ride your bike at high speeds or on gnarly terrain, it is advisable to buy a full-face bike helmet.

Helmet Safety

Image Source: City of Downey

However, even the well ventilated downhill full-face mountain bike helmets can be too heavy in some cases. For instance, the full-face helmets may be too hot and probably unnecessary if your trail comprises of lifts, shuttles and hikes. All in all, the full-face helmets offer more protection, but may not be the best for long-term comfort; as compared to the open face mountain bike helmets.

The Right Fit

In order to offer your head optimal crash protection, you preferred mountain bike helmet should be of the right fit. A loose helmet will not only cause constant discomfort while you are riding down the trail; it is likely to fall off in the event of an accident. Such a helmet will not offer you the protection your need during a crush. In this regard, you should ensure that the helmet you buy fits the circumference of your head comfortably.

Getting the right fit should not be a problem since most of the leading manufacturers include the sizes in their product descriptions.

Basically, it is advisable to get a helmet that fits snugly around the head as a conventional cap would. Additionally, you should ensure that the helmet is of the right depth. With a mountain bike helmet of the right fit, there should be a one-finger gap in between the front of the helmet and your eyebrows.

Finally, buying a helmet with internal adjustments will offer you a customized fit; something your preferred product should offer.


While ventilation is important for a bike helmet to be comfortable, increased ventilation will make a helmet less protective (against such things as sticks). To counter this defect, some of the high-end product features unique materials or design for enhanced ventilation and comfort.

For instance, some of the renowned manufacturers today use Koroyd material—a material that offers optimal protection whilst allowing hot air to escape with ease—in their mountain bike helmets.

If you will be riding your bike in hot weather, you should consider wearing an open-face helmet. Owing to the increased exposure, such a helmet will offer you enhanced ventilation and comfort for long-distance rides.

Additionally, you also need to consider the shape and size of vents on your preferred helmet. You should also take a look at the inside of the helmet; the padding should have internal channels that allow for free airflow. Again, the best mountain bike helmet should have a good balance of exhaust and intake vents.


Based on your budget, you will find that helmets within the various price ranges are of different weights and offer varied levels of protection. In this regard, you should buy one that offers the best safety to weight ratio.

The more expensive mountain bike helmet options are more likely to use better materials, feature better styles and finish. However, your decision should not be influenced solely by the price. Instead, you should balance the weight with the level of protection offered by the helmet.

>> A high-quality helmet, for example, will not only be fairly lightweight; it will have advanced safety features, such as a moulded shell and built-in anchor points. However, such additional features will increase the value and manufacturing complexity; hence the price of the mountain bike helmets.


Have you ever been in a crash that damaged your mountain bike helmet? If so, you already know how important these accessories are. You also need to understand that most head injuries take time to heal and others do not heal at all. Since you do not know when you will be involved in an accident, it is highly advisable to always have the right helmet on while riding your mountain bike. Although there are numerous helmet options to choose from today, this guide will help you make the right choice.

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