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Best AA Flashlight 2020 │ Which One Should You Choose?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you have power outages?

Yes, the light. to be more specific a flashlight so you can find the rest of your needs with the help of it. Therefore I am going to discuss one of the most crucial equipment while camping, this single device comes in handy in many scenarios.

A flashlight now days can be many different types. Especially for camping, you need some that are portable and ready to use whenever you want. Therefore having the option to replace the battery anytime is ideal. So you just need a compact flashlight with removable batteries. So here in this article, I am presenting a few quality flashlights which will be extremely affordable and most importantly very compact.

Best AA Flashlight 2020

ImageProductBrightness (Lumens)Price
J5 Tactical V1-Pro300
ThruNite TN4A1150
Elite TacticalPro 2001000
Streamlight 88061350
RockBirds 7W LED Mini300
Hausbell 7W Ultra300

What is AA battery?

Before going deep into the decision, let me briefly explain how many options you have when choosing a flashlight battery. Well, we need something smaller so we can not use those bigger batteries what you see on the big radios. How about a little smaller version of it? Yes, AA batteries are compact in size and perform well in any field. For everyday use, these batteries are perfect because these are very small and most importantly very affordable. Also, other advantages – these are widely available anywhere you go.

Why Choose AA battery Flashlight over AAA?

AAA and AA are almost identical although they have a few differences too. Do not get over confused on which one to go for. Let me make it straight. AA batteries work well on the day to day use and suitable for more tasks.

But while camping, the case is a little different. You need an extra strong flashlight and it needs to last a long time. So for these reasons, AA batteries do a better job.

AA battery powered flashlight usually provide a wider and stronger beam which reach a long distance. This is mostly used for a night walk and other outdoor activities. So AA batteries will perform way better than an AAA powered flashlight.

1. J5 Tactical V1-PRO 300 Lumen Ultra Bright FlashlightBest compact flashlight

A smaller but compact flashlight with up to 300 lumens of maximum brightness. This flashlight is compact in size and requires only an AA battery to run it. It has an intense beam of light which can reach up to 600 feet. There are three modes you can use this light – high, low and strobe modes. So this light should perform well on many outdoor activities like camping, hunting fishing.

You can use a 14500 rechargeable battery if you want which is not included but can be purchased separately. The build quality is excellent and comes with a clip.

This flashlight will be perfect for your emergency kit as well as in your backpack to use it in emergencies.


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This light is for people who want portable light source in a compact and lightweight product. Also to use it in emergency situations

2. ThruNite TN4A LED Flashlight Powered By 4 AA BatteriesBest tactical compact flashlight

Just by looking at it you will notice how small and portable this tiny flashlight is. ThruNite has done a great job providing this compact flashlight which will serve in many environments. This flashlight equipped with latest CREE XPL-V6 LED providing excellent efficiency and has a light output of 1150 lumens.

It uses 4 AA batteries so it is a little heavier than the previous model. But the performance you get for is incredible. You will get a top-notch build quality which includes ultra clear tempered glass lens with anti-reflective coating. This flashlight itself is waterproof and heavy duty construction.

One of the smart features this flashlight has that is it incorporates ITC (Intelligent Temperature Control) technology which prevents the LED to overheat and this maximizes the lifespan

It also comes with an electronic switch with built-in low voltage indication for smooth operation. This light will suit for heavy users who want a heavy-duty performance for the longer period.


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This flashlight is recommended for outdoor people desiring a bright flashlight and wants the best performance out of a small tactical flashlight.

3. Pro 200 Series Tactical Flashlight by Elite TacticalBest AA flashlight for professionals

This flashlight is for the pro who like to have the best performance as well as an all-around flashlight. This product will perform well in hunting, camping, and most outdoor activities. Also, the weatherproofing features enables this compact flashlight to be able to use it in harsh condition.

The build quality is impressive and the material is used on this are military proof. The LED light is capable of going up to 1000 lumens and comes with a zoomable lens.

This product is waterproof and shockproof so if you do a lot of heavy works at night then this light should give you the best results.


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This flashlight is for the heavy users. It is guaranteed too last a very long time maintaining a reasonable performance and quality.

4. Streamlight 88061 ProTac 1L-1AA Professional Tactical FlashlightBest flashlight for long time use

One of the longest flashlight on this list. But it is built quite compact and thin so has a very good grip. It runs on 2 AA batteries. This design makes it comfortable to hold it in one the hands for a long time. Also, the C$ LED technology to boost the lifetime of this flashlight to massive 50,000 hours. So if you are planning to keep it for a long time then go for this one.

There is a clip on the flashlight so it can be used to comfortably carry it in the pocket or on a belt clip. The operation of this flashlight can be controlled with only one switch that means you can use it one-handed.

Although the brightness is not to the top level comparing the other flashlights but you can get this flashlight on a rechargeable USB version which you can recharge it from any power sources. so if you don’t want to use AA batteries then this light has the option to use a rechargeable battery.


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It will suit for people who want to use this flashlight for a long time. Although the brightness is not that high it constantly maintains a decent brightness and for a long time. Also, I will recommend this flashlight for using on camping, fishing and during power outages.

5. Rockbirds LED A100 Mini Tactical FlashlightBest Cheap AA Flashlight

A supermini compact flashlight serves brilliantly well on outdoor. IF you are looking for a budget-friendly light to keep it with you all the time then this is a good option. This light runs on a single AA battery providing up to 300 lumens of brightness. It is a great choice to keep it on pocket, backpack or even mount it to the vest or a hat using the built-in clip
The flashlight is built to last for a long time and has a skid and waterproof design which makes it ideal for all weather use. The body of the flashlight is made of aluminum and the lightweight construction makes it easier to use for camping, hunting or climbing up the hill.
It has 4 modes of setting including strobe mode. You can place this in your emergency lit and not worry about the performance. There are two fluorescent rings built in around the frame so you will be able to find it even in dark environment.


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For beginners or even any outdoor enthusiast who wants to have a backup light in case of emergencies and also use it light outdoor operation like hunting or climbing.

6. Hausbell 7W Ultra Bright Mini LED Flashlight Tactical FlashlightBest Functional AA LED flashlight

Another tactical flashlight which is tiny in size but provides a great source of power on many occasions. This is a genuinely well-designed flashlight which will fit into the pocket or the compartment in the backpack. It only requires single AA battery and provides a decent 300 lumens of brightness.
The compact size of this light makes it portable and the built-in clip comes handy to carry it with you in the pocket. This flashlight has three modes of settings – High, low and strobe which makes it performs well in all outdoor scenarios.
The built quality is tough and very comfortable to hold in hands. It is also weather resistant so do not worry to use it in harsh conditions.
The price of this light is very reasonable and of course, the performance you get from is outstanding.


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This is recommended for people to use it for all occasions. You can use it to fill it in your emergency kit or take it to camping or fishing, it will make you satisfied and perform efficiently with also having the portability features.

Camping Flashlight Buying Advice – What to Consider

Many factors can be taken into consideration when choosing a flashlight. For basic uses, you might be ok with just a basic flashlight which will do the job when you need it. For camping, you definitely want to go for AA battery power flashlight.

AA batteries are one of the most popular batteries on the market. So you will have the option to get the replacement batteries anywhere you want. Also, do not forget that you can get some rechargeable AA batteries too which you can use it for many times. These rechargeable batteries cost a little more but will definitely worth it in the long run

Let me give you a list of considerations when choosing a flashlight while camping


Offcourse this should be your number one consideration. While camping you definitely do not want to carry some extra weight with you. You want a light which will perform well while you need it as well as to be able to carry it with you for a long time. So here, an AA battery powered flashlight comes to the top of the list. This flashlight is extremely portable and easily fit in your pocket or the compartment in your backpack.

I have written a post on what to take on family camping.

Although you have to keep in mind to carry a flashlight which will perform well in all conditions as well as last a reasonable amount of time.


You also have to closely look at the material of the flashlight you will be using. A good quality flashlight will certainly last a long time. But remember cheap material like plastic might get damaged easily as you will be using it on rough outdoor condition. On the other side aluminum or even stainless steel perform well in the tactical environment. So choose the best possible flashlight material which will withstand rust, impact, and corrosion.

Beam Distance

As these flashlights will be used on outdoor activities so to be the best aa lights it needs to have the best beam. A beam is the terms which are used to describe the light that comes out from a flashlight. There are two different types of the beam – flood beam and spot beam. Spot beam is good for long distance lighting where flood beam lights provide a wide angle lighting. So for camping flashlight, you need to find the best one which does both of these wells.


Lumens is the unit of light. So you can probably guess that the more lumens a light have the brighter it gets. You need to know that the brightness level of an AA flashlight is not that much, but you can look for the best possible option to do the job. The number of lumens will determine the brightness so go for the higher lumens light.


You need to know how to operate the flashlight. There are many different types and shapes of light available in the market.


Of course, you need to consider what brand to go for. Usually, the most reputed companies will provide warranties and after-sale support. So you can get help if required with the light. Also if you need any aftermarket accessories for it then it will be widely available too. But do not mind to try out new manufacturer too. Often they will reduce the price of the item to get more sale. Therefore you can get a quality product in an affordable price.


Last but not least the price. This the last of my list because it is not always easy to predict the product quality according to the price. Obviously stay within the budget and look around to find the best available deals when shopping. As I mentioned before for beginners, you do not necessarily need the best of the best flashlight. You can get an affordable flashlight and then you can go for a long-lasting and slightly higher quality ones.


Hope I was able to point out all your needs on camping AA flashlight. As a matter of fact, this is one of those tools that a must-have item for camping and any outdoor activities. So getting a good AA flashlight will ensure a safe and bright outdoor adventure.

Good luck on your adventure.

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