Tips For Tent Camping For The Beginners

25 Tips For Tent Camping For The Beginners

Those days are gone when you would go camping as a scout to learn survival skills by all means. Today, it is a fun activity undertaken by families, couples, and friends.

Below are 25 tips for tent camping that will contribute to making your involvement enjoyable and filled with good memories.

Planning Tips

Planning For A Camping Trips

  1. Test your camping gear at home

Just get your friends or family and try out fixing the tent. You can even sleep in there just to get a clue of what you are going to experience. Do it in your backyard, living room or veranda, at your convenience.

  1. Camp close to home if you are a newbie

As optimistic as you want to be, remember to be realistic and expect anything if it is your first time camping journey. Book sites close to your residential area, just in case things do not work out as planned and you have to leave. Travelling 5 hours back home after a disappointment sucks.

  1. Read customer reviews on a campsite before making reservations

Massive advertising may be done on a campground to make it look heavenly, and that is okay because it is part of the business. Only a firsthand informant, customer, will give you true info including the pros and cons of that place. Take customer reviews seriously, as you decide.

  1. Go without your beloved pet

Pets are adorable, believe me, I know. They are a great company, and I bet if you have one, you are attached to it. You can go with them on a camping expedition, but I would advise you otherwise. Some people are allergic to cat fur while others are just scared of dogs. You would be a selfish person if you ignored how others feel about your pet. To avoid tents being trampled upon by playful animals too, do not tag your pets along.

Camping Gear Tips

Camping Gear

  1. Invest in comfortable seats

You may assume that a chair is just a chair, as long as your butt rests on it. You will feel it in your bones how wrong you are about this when you are sitting on that cheap chair becomes a painful affair. Make those campfire moments and times you watch kids playing worthwhile and relaxed.  Simply buy quality camping seats.

  1. Carry ThermaCELL Lanterns.

It is quite a feast for mosquitoes when people camp outside. You can refuse to be part of the party though by literally repelling mosquitoes using repellants. This way you even reduce your risk to being infected with killer malaria. You can extend the use of this item back to your home after the expedition.

  1. Use screened in tents

Here is a way of being outside while on the inside, or is it the other way round? You can place this transparent tent over your picnic table and share a meal. You need not worry as insects will be watching from a distance. The amazing tent protects you from the scorching sun too.

  1. A good night sleep counts

At the end of a vacation day, you require and deserve relaxed sleep. How regrettable it shall be if you realize you have to place to sleep because you forgot your sleeping bad. You also would not like to wake up because sleeping on the poor bags you brought is more exhausting than foregoing the sleep. Treat yourself royal and include a quality and durable sleeping bag.

Packing Tips

Packing Camping Gear

  1. Adopt a checklist!

Every camper wants to camp with everything in place. You can avoid forgetting things at home or the campsite by making or downloading an appropriate checklist. It is exactly what you will use in case you need to make improvements in your next outings. Packing is made so much easier with checklists. Here is the one we prepared for you to use Complete Family Camping Checklist

  1. Pack for your convenience

Your colleagues will definitely talk about what to carry and leave for some reasons. You should do the same, carry whatever shall make you comfortable even if nobody else is. For instance, you cannot leave behind you music because everyone else said so. Neither shall you break your neck sleeping on a flat surface because you decided to leave your pillow to avoid bulk. Love yourself.

  1. Use storage containers and totes

A great sense of organization is achieved when you pack your stuff in appropriate storage containers. It is even easier loading them into your car and travel with them arranged. Throwing things aimlessly in the vehicle makes it easy for you to lose them. As for foldable tents and clothing, totes come in handy. When in order, transportation is efficient.

  1. Pack extra blankets

You are out to have fun, so you deserve coziness. It may get cold while you and your folks are asleep and instead of covering yourselves with clothes you put on, have extra blankets. These covers may also come in handy when you spill a bowl of soup on your bedding. You will exchange the blankets and move on as if nothing is shaking your moment.

  1. Supplement your first-aid kit with tweezers

A simple bee sting can halt your retreat as you seek medical attention or hand you an opportunity to unleash your first-aiding prowess. Have tweezers to aid you in removing such stingers from a victim, as well as glass and splinters from a wound. Having them in your kit reduces the chances of you using crook methods to remove spotted dirt from an injured leg.

  1. Cook from home

Eating is not only a mandatory activity but also a part of camping. You will require quality food for your family and squad, and we all know the best quality is what you make at home. Besides, you will not be having so much fun if you spend most of your time cooking at the vacation. Prepare meals at home and earn yourself more time outdoors.

  1. Include extra padding

There is a list of options of sleeping gear you can choose from, yet you still have to be extra. You can have yourself a sleeping cot, bag or air mattress. Sometimes when enjoying your sleep, you may start to feel the ground, and a bumpy sleep is not good to sleep. Sleeping pads will lessen this effect once you put them in your sleeping bag. Come on, you will need it.

  1. Buy a fresh drinking water case

Water is life is not just an adage. Hydrating your body every time is a plus to your activeness and health. Purchase a case to keep your water. Thank me when you are sweating after that hike then you see that case filled with drinking water.

Campground Tips

Camp Ground Tips

  1. Arrive early

You might need to familiarize yourselves with the place better especially if you did not make a pre-visit. Arrive as early as possible and proceed to set up the tent after you check in. In case something is wrong with your tent, you shall have time to fix it before dusk.

  1. Dirt is good

This is not some fancy dinner outing you are on so brace your clean self for a lot of dirt. Let the kids play during the day and maintain that smile when they come home looking like working plumbers. Ensure your camping attire is easy to wash and dry. A shower before you all sleep is recommended though.

  1. Hammer those tents

In as much as it is simply setting up tents, you may actually need to carry a hammer or mallet to assist you in driving down the tent stakes. You might hit yourself when using stones instead.

  1. Keep the tent door zipped up

Bugs bite, both at night and in the day. Zipping up the tent door denies them the chance to invade your space and await your flesh. A helpful tip is to place the tent door into the wind so that mosquitoes sleep out there.

  1. Let coolers and food stay in the car

To reduce on chances of congesting your tent, let food and the cooler stay in your truck. Moreover, it saves you and the kids from running out of edibles due to constant ingestion of any food on site. It also reduces chances of attracting rodents to your tent.

  1. Clean up your tent

A dirty tent attracts insects and mice. Pack a dustbin and a dust brush to keep cleaning the tent. This also keeps it from developing a foul smell that will render it inhabitable. When done camping, ensure that you are appropriately storing a dry and clean tent.

  1. Facilitate both indoor and outdoor activities.

Make a plan for what activities and games you shall take part in together. It would be boring setting out without a plan and end up idling in the wild the entire day. Carry some indoor games like chess and monopoly if you can. It is a bonding time.

  1. Keep kids in your vicinity

Children get lost so suddenly. You should keep watch on them when they are playing and ensure they do not take part in dangerous activities like diving into rivers. Teach them to avoid conversing with strangers.

  1. Brace yourself for weather changes

You could arrive when it is a bit chilly, and while asleep you start sweating too much due to sudden weather changes. It is important that you be prepared for this, both psychologically and physically.

Final Words

Camping is a fun activity, and you should get the best experience you can while at it. I hope these tips spice up your time away, good luck.

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