How To Keep Family Camping Cheap

How To Keep Family Camping Cheap – Camping Tips By Pro

Oh, come on! Who would not want to have all the fun in the world and still have money not being a hindrance for more? Talk of a camping expedition; you know how that can stretch your budget beyond limits, right? I am positive we all hate missing something because it elevates the budget beyond reason.

Kids In Camping Tent

However, with the limited camping resources available, I am sure you can make the maximum possible out of it. It is called being innovative, responsible and knowledgeable. Do you want to know how to have all you can with your family at a camp while still within a reasonable budget? Here is how:

Things to Consider – When Planning Family Camping

Shopping Online

Somebody may try to stop you, but I will give you a reason to try it out. Spending online is convenient because you have the privilege of choosing whatever you want right from home. You can also get reviews on a product effortlessly. This is important so that you may not waste money on a worthless product. Renowned sites like and are ideal.

Garage Sale Shopping

Old Traveller Equipment
old traveller equipment. backpack, passport, knife, map, camera ets

This is a great opportunity for you and when you find one, grab it with both arms. It is here that you will get good used plates, cooking pots and camping gear at amazing prices. You can also outsource some indoor games like monopoly, chess, and cards while at it. If what you buy here at a friendly price will serve the same purpose as the new ones, why not look forward to any such opportunity!

Campsite Deals

As a marketing strategy, camping grounds offer amazing deals and discounts based on the number of campers and booking time. Being the wise camper you are, you will book grounds with the best deals. Being an early bird has always served right. This is especially true during a high peak season and when dealing with camping grounds in high demand.

Inform Your Friends and Family

The wise stated that one man’s food is another man’s poison. Not to take the literal meaning though, I agree. In the case that a friend of yours is disposing some dishes for a kitchen makeover or wants to give away a few blankets, you will benefit. This is only possible if you inform them that you are shopping for a camping expedition and they could help you find great deals. Some people have a good heart.

Proximity from Home

Phew, that element of transportation cost! In as much as you would love to get the best places in your state, you need to cut on gas money. Think about it this way; there are some people traveling for long to come to a camping ground near your home. If it is that good, why go far for another one? Furthermore, the kids will not mind, as long as you are all having a good time. You can find the local camping spots on the government websites. Here is the one for New York camping location.

Storage of Food

Camping Packing TipsYou need all these lunchboxes, paper bags and containers to store some food. What you do not need is to buy all these things. First, you can carry some from home, in which you will pack professionally to save on space. However, if you need to buy, consider big containers with compartments. This way you shall protect a lot of money and packing space in the car.

Camp in Groups

There is power in masses. Gather a group of your friends and their families to go camping. This way, you shall save a massively on a campground, food, and camping gear expenses. Every family can chip in settling some necessary bills, thus promoting some aspect of specialization. It becomes close to perfect. Furthermore, it is so much fun, and you initiate bonding.

Have a Meal Plan

The best thing about such outings is that nobody expects to eat a gourmet meal. There is usually no time to prepare all that. To save on the cost of purchasing expensive readymade food, you can make them at home. When on the ground, you can cook something too, but just light and simple meals. What is the campfire there for anyway?

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Fun Gear

It is a camping mission, meaning that it is all about having fun. You definitely want to carry everything that shall translate to fun when out. You also do not want to spend a fortune on it. The best thing to do is to choose apparatus in order of priority for your family. You can also get creative, come up with interesting games like hide-and-seek instead of purchasing the expensive fun equipment you cannot afford.

Final Thoughts

It is evident that you can enjoy yourselves as a family without blowing the budget. Careful and advance shopping will save your money a great deal. In addition, you shall have to convince your family to camp near home and have the spot booked weeks prior to the actual day.

Have this saving plan in place then try it out. I am sure it will work for you; it always has for me! Over time, you shall conclude that limited resources do not necessarily mean limited utility. Again, all you need is to be innovative, responsible and knowledgeable as guided by my article.

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